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Who We Are And What We Do

Our Mission Statement

To provide services to enhance the welfare and well being of homeless and abused animals;

To assist in the transport of animals from life threatening or homeless situations to a proven reputable no-kill rescue group, similar to a Humane Society or SPCA in Canada or the United States;

To foster and adopt to approved homes the animals rescued with the understanding that if for any reason these animals are in a life threatening situation or the adoptive family or rescue organization can no longer care for the animals, Dog Speed Animal Rescue and Transport will accept the animal back into its care;

To obtain all necessary veterinary care, training and assistance as needed for any individual animal accepted into its care;

To practice a no-kill policy , euthanasia to be considered only in the case of extreme injury/illness which is painful and terminal in nature;

To offer services to governments or agencies for the rescue and care of animals during emergency or disaster, whenever possible;

To continue the pursuit of training and education for the care and rescue of animals and for the cause of humane and responsible treatment of animals.



Our Goal

To build and develop a no-kill animal sanctuary;

To continue in the development of rehabilitation and training transition centre for at risk animals;

To expand our foster and adoption program;

To lobby for legislative change on issues of the health and well being of all animals;

To develop and operate a self contained unit in disaster deployment;

To educate general public on spay and neuter and other animal care issues;

To create an animal issues education program for children and other community organizations

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Typical Transport Loaded And Ready To Go

Dog Speed logs tens of thousands of kilometers every year transporting rescued animals to safety

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